Applying single legend to multiple layers

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Tool background and description.

This tool can be used for applying a single legend file (qml) for multiple raster or vector layers in QGIS.

Made by Nextgis.png Opensource GIS development and projects


Installation notes

Plugin is available via QGIS official repository.

MultiQML is under development and tested with QGIS 2.0 and higher.

You can obtain sources with this command:

git pull

How does it work

After plugin installation and startup by clicking


main window will appear:


At left there is a layers list which shows layers depending of the active selector «Raster» or «Vector». To apply style to layers:

  • select layers in list (press "Select all layers" to select all available layers of the given type)
  • if you want to make style default — check "Save as default" checkbox
  • press "Apply style" button and select desired .qml

To restore original styles: select layers and press "Restore initial style".


In this demo, the tool is used to apply a single legend to series of uniformly indexed raster, that have comparable color tables. During demo it is also used to use single min-max legends for series of USGS dems.

<object width="943" height="576">

 <param name="movie" value="/images/qgis-multiqml-01.swf">
 <embed src="/images/qgis-multiqml-01.swf" width="943" height="576">



If you want report a bug or want make suggestion — use bugtracker. Also if you have a question about the script or plugin usage, you can contact us directly.


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