Creating tiles from QGIS projects using QTiles

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Tool for creating tiles from QGIS projects.

QTiles is a QGIS plugin that is designed to create multilevel tile cache according to the Slippy Map specification. Such cache can be than used in mobile apps, web maps or used on desktop. Target software should be able to work with tile caches and understand specification.

Made by Nextgis.png Opensource GIS development and projects



Plugin is available via official repository.

QTiles is designed for QGIS version 1.9.0 and higher. There are no dependencies, all necessary files are included in package.

You can also obtain Python sources from our SVN:

git clone

If you don't see the plugin, have a look at Installing plugins.

How does it work

After plugin installation and startup by clicking
Plugin button

main window will appear

Plugin main window

"Output" group is used to select output type: as directory structure or as ZIP-archive. Tiles themselves are saved in PNG format.

Group «Extent» allow to set desired geographic extent of the map. You can select one of the following options:

  • Canvas extent — current canvas extent will be used
  • Full extent — full extent of all project layers will be used
  • Layer extent — output extent will be the same as extent of the selected layer

In «Zoom» group one can set zoom levels. In most cases maximum zoom 18 is enough, but plugin can generate tiles for "deeper" zoom levels. "Depth" depends on the map detalization on certain scales.

"Parameters" group is used to define tile size. Supported values are 128 - 2048 pixels per side.

Press "ОК" to start tile generation and "Cancel" to terminate it.


If you want to report a bug or want to make a suggestion — use bugtracker. If you have any other inquiry, you can contact us directly.

This plugin was developed by NextGIS for the UNDP/GEF «Developing GIS-based interactive maps territory control system for pilot steppe reserves» (more in Russian).


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